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Fringes (observatory | magazine) is an experimental and interdisciplinary online publishing platform dedicated to mapping and sharing the diversity of approaches used to work and think about the landscape — the observation of other landscape narratives. The name Fringes refers primarily to a process of observation, which has moved away from the conventional landscape architecture-related production center, and its progressive shift towards the boundaries of the practice, looking for other disciplinary intersections and overlappings. See also: Fringes presentation

ISSN 2184-5425 (online)


Karolin Schwab
Toni Gironès
Planergruppe Oberhausen and B.A.S. Kopperschmidt & Moczalla
“Pin(k) a Place” Team: Bella Bluemink, Eva Ventura, Eva Willemsen, Federica Sanchez, Ge Hong, Ilya Tasioula, Jan Gerk de Boer, Joey Liang, Lukas Kropp, Maël Vanhelsuwé, Maximilian Einert, Michelle Siemerink, Qingyun Lin, Timothy Radhitya Djagiri, and Yao Lu
Hans Op de Beeck
Natascha Seideneck
Eric Rannestad
Cristina Ataíde
Melike Altınışık
Gabriel Orozco
Anastasia Savinova
Ellie Davies
Hidemi Nishida
Landslag ehf.
VEGA landskab and Karin Lorentzen
Ilkka Halso
Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber
Regan Rosburg
100Landschaftsarchitektur [Thilo Folkerts]
Monika Gora [GORA art&landscape ab]
Xavi Bou
Kathleen Vance

30 days of global sulfur dioxide mass
(animation created with images from EARTH earth.nullschool)

We will be searching and regularly publishing works and projects. We will be also quarterly publishing written works and interviews.

SUBMISSIONS: You are welcome to submit your story for the “Observatory” category. We intend to publish a great diversity of approaches on the landscape, as well as writen works that are aligned with the aim of this platform. By submitting your work, you are confirming that you are the owner of all intellectual property rights or that you are authorized to make the submitted content public. You are also agreeing that Fringes is authorized to publish those contents, which may be also shareable through social media platforms.

Materials should be sent by WeTransfer, Dropbox or similar. Please follow these guidelines:

Works/projects: a) A selection of 3-10 high-resolution jpg images; b) Work description, place, and date; c) A link to the work and to your website; d) Short biography; e) Image credits; f) Other information about collaborators/contributors.

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