Follow the Red Line, please

Follow the Red Line, please by Cristina Ataíde: The Red Line is a three-dimensional drawing made at and with the landscape.
The described sentences invite the visitor to look at the surrounding and interact with it.
Follow the line, do the sentences, please: hug a tree; play hide-and-seek; walk barefoot at the park; look for the weasel; say a poem; climb the will and see the city; thank for the lush oh the park…

© All images by Atelier Cristina Ataíde

The project was carried out under the POLDRA Public Sculpture Project Viseu, which has as its creator and promoter the visual artist João Dias.
Year: 2018
Place: Mata do Fontelo, Viseu, Portugal | 40.6580970. – 7.9015820
Media: Tether strap, paint and metal
Dimensions: 1.300 m (variable; the full length of the tether strap)

Cristina Ataíde is a visual artist. She lives and works in Lisbon. She is Graduate in Sculpture and has a Master’s degree in Sculpture, by the Superior School of Fine Arts of the Lisbon University, where she also attended the course of Design Studies. She was an Invited Teacher at Lusofona University, in Lisbon between 1997 and 2012.
Her work, most of the time is done during the artist’s travelling, transits between sculpture and drawing, going through photography and video.
The concerns about nature are one of the most constant worries in her work. Going through different landscapes and around the world, trying to understand its questions. The denounce of ecological crimes, the preservation of nature, and in her last years, the problematics about the refugees, are always going around her personal and artistic preoccupations. The migration problematic, for instance, it is possible to see in her NO NAME installations, present at the travelling exhibition in Rome, Madrid, France, Brno, and this year will be at Biennale Baku, Azerbaijan.
Cristina Ataíde has enrolled in different artist residencies, for example Ethiopia Walkscapes, Hangar Residence, 2017; Winter Workspace Program, Glyndor Gallery Wave Hill, NYC, USA, 2014; Verflixt und Zugenauht, Wittenberge, Germany, 2014, etc…
Her work is represented in different public and private collections in Portugal and abroad.