Landface by Anastasia Savinova: Landface is a series of self/land-portraits, exploration of being in the landscape and the intimacy with it. The face and sight are covered by masks, made from elements of the surrounding landscape: plant, sand, rock, ice, snow. Through the mask-ritual a body becomes a listening body; through physical “blindness” other senses grow acute. A trusting, intuitive body enters the mystery of the landscape, breathing in unison, inheriting the wisdom of the mountain’s body. This work is a reflection on what it means to be a part of something greater. It was initiated during hiking in Iceland, where one often can find themselves in a situation of being in the vast landscape with no one else in sight, feeling like the first or like the last human on the planet. This moment: only your body and the land’s body. One can feel tiny and big at the same time. [more]

© All images by Anastasia Savinova

Anastasia Savinova born near the Ural Mountains in USSR in 1988, since 2013 she works and lives in Sweden. Her multi-disciplinary practice addresses places and ecologies, and revolves around spirit of the place and human relationship with more-than-human world. Her practice spans photography, large-scale photomontage, drawing, installation, object, video, sound, and performance. Having an architectural background, Savinova holds affection to constructing and building. A mountain walker, she is deeply moved and inspired by the wilderness. She works both with man-made and natural environment, and embraces phenomenological approach in exploring it. Her work has been shown and performed in group and solo exhibitions in Sweden and worldwide.