Landscape Therapeutic Park

by Planergruppe Oberhausen and B.A.S. Kopperschmidt & Moczalla

The “Landscape Therapeutic Park” project balances the landscape design approach with a set of installations that cover a broad spectrum of atmospheres and human reactions. By being placed carefully over the space, these installations break the landscape into smaller moments, as a narrative that amplifies the specificity of each one of these places.

Saxhóll Staircase

by Landslag ehf.

“Saxhóll staircase” bring us the delicate balance between land conservation, project reversibility and the growing number of tourists in Iceland.

Hvidovre Beach park

by VEGA landskab and Karin Lorentzen

“Hvidovre Beach park” has made a small and poetic intervention by the sea, which not only is avoiding the erosion of the sand and the exposure of the landfill, but also anticipated a climate change rising water level scenario.