Pin(k) A Place — Disclosing landscape

by Bella Bluemink, Eva Ventura, Eva Willemsen, Federica Sanchez, Ge Hong, Ilya Tasioula, Jan Gerk de Boer, Joey Liang, Lukas Kropp, Maël Vanhelsuwé, Maximilian Einert, Michelle Siemerink, Qingyun Lin, Timothy Radhitya Djagiri, and Yao Lu

The “Pin(k) a Place” project has engaged the public in observing and thinking about a fragment of landscape. Additionally, it has also underlined the importance of more experimental and performative approaches to survey and analysis of behaviors, perceptions, and preferences about the place. Thus, instead of gathering data from conventional survey processes, this was produced in a more performative and interfering way, like a game played in and with the landscape, which has induced the public to look and make real-time decisions during the process of fieldwork. The public and their actions have simultaneously created data and landscape.

Follow the Red Line, please

by Cristina Ataíde

A daily life spent mainly in urban and functional environments has caused a gradual detachment from the landscape. Thus, how to relate with it? What leads us to engage with some of its specific details? And how to activate bodily behaviors, or different ways and possibilities to act and to engage? “Follow the Red Line, please” explores all these possibilities from the words that form sentences — sentences that incite us to act, to experiment, to engage, to perform and to be part of the landscape.

Cultiver la Mémoire

by 100Landschaftsarchitektur [Thilo Folkerts]

“Cultiver la Mémoire” presents the garden as a process of engagement and memory related to the World Wars, but whose marks in the social fabric as well as in the landscape unquestionably call for the need for wider collective commitment.